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The first book of the Bible is Genesis. Genesis speaks of beginnings; of what God did in the beginning.  The book of Genesis is foundational to the understanding of the rest of the Bible. The message in Genesis is the outline of the Biblical message as a whole. It is a book that speaks about relationships, highlighting those between God and His creation, between God and humankind, and between human beings. It clearly teaches that the one true God is sovereign over all that exists (i.e., His entire creation).

Genesis introduces us to the way in which God initiates and makes covenants with His chosen people, pledging His love and faithfulness to them and calling them to promise theirs to Him. It establishes sacrifice as the substitution of life for life. It gives us the first hint of God’s provision for redemption to reconcile us back to Himself and it also contains the oldest and most profound statement concerning the significance of faith. More than half the Hebrews 11 list of Faithfuls are people found in  the book of Genesis.

On this frequently asked question page; we have provided you with some answers about the bible. We have also provided you with questions and answers from the first four books of the bible and from Genesis to revelation the number of books and chapters for each book. It is our hope that the biblical information provided to you below will at least help to get you started on some of the questions that you may have about the bible and that the information provided will encourage you at your own pace to go through the other books to learn more about this incredible; life-giving living book – called “the Bible” that God has provided to instruct, direct and keep all His children while we are on this earth.

Questions About The Bible 

  • How many books are in the Old Testament? (39 books)
  • How many books are in the New Testament (27 books)
  • How Many book are written by Moses? (5 Books)
  • What is the first book of the bible? (Genesis)
  • What is the last book of the bible? (Revelation)
  • What is the last book before the New Testament? (Malachi) 
  • How Many Chapters Are in the Book Of Genesis? (50 chapters)
  • Who was the first man and woman? (Adam and Eve)
  • In what Chapter of Genesis did men fell? (Chapter 3)
  • How did Enoch die? (He did not)
  • Who was the oldest person in the Bible? (Methuselah – age 969) 
  • How many son did Noah have? ( 3 Sons) 

1. Genesis (50 chapters) – Question from the Book of Genesis 

What was the first words God spoke (Gen 1)? Let there be light
When the Lord looked upon all that he had created, what did he think it was (Gen 1)? Very Good
The river of Eden was parted into how many headwaters (Gen 2)? Four
What kind of leaves did Adam and Eve cover themselves with (Gen3)? Fig Leaves
Which part of the body of the offspring of the woman did God say that the serpent would strike (Gen3)? the Heel
In which land did Cain live (Gen 4)? Nod
What was the name of the man who walked faithfully with God and then was taken away without dying (Gen 5)? Enoch
What were the names of Noah’s sons (Gen 6)? Shem. Ham and Japheth
When the flood came, how many days and nights did it rain (Gen7)? Forty
What was the sign of God’s covenant with Noah (Gen 9)? the Rainbow
One of Noah’s sons found him drunk and naked and went to tell his brothers instead of helping him. His son was cursed because of it. Who was he (Gen 9)? Ham
What was the place called where the people tried to build a tower that would reach up to heaven (Gen11)? Babel
Where did Abram live when the Lord told him to go to ‘the land I will show you’ (Gen 11-12)? Harran
Abraham used to tell people that his wife was his sister and twice someone wanted her. Which two men did that (Gen 12, 20)? Pharaoh and Abimelek
When Abraham and Lot went their separate ways, by what river did Lot want to live (Gen 13)? Jordan
What is the name of the priest and king of Salem that Abraham met (Gen 14)? Melchizedek
What was Abraham to count to find out how many descendants he would have (Gen 15, 22)? Stars and Dust
Abraham negotiated with the Lord about how many righteous there would have to be in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for God to spare them. How many times (Gen 18)? Six Times – 50, 45, 40, 30, 20 and 10
What did the men in Sodom want to do to the angels that arrived there (Gen 19)? Have Sexual relations with them
Lot’s daughters committed incest with him and gave birth to sons who’s heirs became enemies of Israel. What where their names (Gen 19)?Moab and Ben Ammi
Who’s name means ‘he laughs’ (Gen 21)? Isaac
Who met an angel in the desert that helped her find water for her son (Gen 21)?Hagar
Where did Abraham go to sacrifice Isaac (Gen 22)? Mount Moriah
What did Abraham sacrifice instead of his son (Gen 22)? A Ram
Where was Sarah buried (Gen 23)? Machpelah near Mamre (which is at Hebron) in the land of Canaan.
What was the name of Rebekah’s brother (Gen 24)? Laban 
Abraham’s servant asked God for a sign to find the woman Isaac was supposed to marry. What kind of animals was she offering to draw water for (Gen 24)? Camels
Who did Abraham marry after Sarah was dead (Gen 25)?Keturah
What were the names of Rebekah’s sons (Gen 25)?jacob and Esau
One of them gave something up for a bowl of lentil stew. What was that (Gen25)? His Birthright

2. Exodus (40 chapters) – Questions from the book of Exodus 

Who discovers Moses in an ark of bulrushes drifting along the river Nile? The Pharaoh’s daughter – Bethiah
Moses kills an overseer beating a Hebrew slave, then flees to what region of the Arabian Peninsula? Median
Moses marries the daughter of the priest Jethro. What was her name? Zipporah
From the burning bush, how does God reply to Moses when Moses asks for his name? “I Am That I Am”
God tells Moses to return to Egypt and lead the Hebrews into which land promised to Abraham? Canaan
God smites the Egyptians with ten terrible plagues, starting with the first which was what? Turns the Nile into blood
After frogs, lice, flies and diseased livestock, what was the sixth Plague of Egypt? Boils
Between storms of hail and fire (seventh) and darkness (ninth), what was the eighth Plague of Egypt? Locusts
Which holiday derives from the Hebrew ‘pasach’, referring to the sacrificial blood of lambs by those faithful to God? Passover
With the help of God and his staff, Moses leads the escape of the Israelites and parts which body of water? Red Sea
In the desert, God provides miraculous water and what substance for the Israelites to feed on? Manna
In which desert did the Lord send this sustenance to Moses and the Israelites? Desert/Wilderness of sin
Who was appointed as the first hereditary high priest of the Israelites? Aaron
Moses remains on the peak of Mt. Sinai for 40 days and 40 nights, then returns to the Israelites carrying what? The Ten Commandments
The full text of the tenth Commandment: one shall not covet a neighbor’s house, wife, servant, ox, or what?  Donkey
What biblical word refers to the Israelites’ center of worship built by Moses per God’s instructions? Tabernacles
While Moses is with God, Aaron in-encouraged by the people create a false idol in what color and in the form of what animal? The Golden Calf
For objecting to Moses’ marriage to a Cushite woman, his sister, Miriam, was temporarily stricken with what disease? Leprosy
Moses smashes the stone tablets in anger and instructs which tribe to massacre the unfaithful Israelites? Levites
God and Moses make two new tablets. The third Commandment states that one should remember what? The Sabbath Day

 3. Leviticus (27 chapters) Questions with answers from the book of Leviticus

Leviticus 1-5 talks about the burnt offering, the meat offering, the peace offering, the sin offering and the guilt offering (KJV names). How many of them are animal sacrifices? Four out of five
Two sons of Aaron, who were priests, ‘offered unauthorized fire before the Lord, contrary to his command’ (Lev 10). What were their names? Nadab and Abihu
The day of atonement was the only day of the year the high priest was allowed to enter … what? The Most Holy Place
From Leviticus 19: ‘Love your … as yourself. I am the Lord’ Neighbour
During the Lord’s Festival of Unleavened Bread the israelites would eat bread made without yeast (Lev 23). For how many days? Seven
Every fiftieth year the people were supposed to have a special celebration which included giving people back their family property (Lev 25). It was called the year of … what? Jubilee 
‘If anyone makes a special vow to dedicate a person to the Lord by giving the equivalent value …’ (Lev 27) a man age 20-60 would cost 50 shekels. How much would a woman cost? Thirty Shekels

4. Numbers (36 chapters) Questions with Answers from the Book of Numbers

Moses made two censuses in the book of Numbers. On which two places did he do that (Num 1, 25-26)? Sanai and Shittim
One of the tribes were not counted among the others because they were chosen by God to be his servants in the tabernacle (and later the temple), which tribe was that (Num 1)? The Levites
This tribe was divided into three groups with different tasks. The groups were named after the three sons of the ancestor – Gershon, Kohath and who (Num 3)? Merari
Some men and women chose to make special vows to God to serve him. They never drank alcohol or cut their hair (Samson later became one of them). What were they called (Num 6)? Nazirites
From the beginning of the Aaronic Blessing “The Lord bless you and … you” (Numbers 6:24) Keep 
At the end of the Aaronic Blessing: “The Lord make His face shine upon you and give you …’ (Num 6) Peace
From what age were the servants of the tabernacle (the tribe mentioned above) supposed to serve (Num 8)? From Twenty Five years
They used trumpets to summon the people (Num 10), what were they made of? Silver
What kind of birds did the Lord send for the people to eat? Quail
“That all the Lord’s people were … and that the Lord would put his Spirit on them!’ (Num 11) Prophets
Who received a defiling skin disease for opposing Moses (Num 12)? Miriam
How many spies did Moses send into Canaan (Num 13)? Twelve
Only two of them believed it was possible for the Lord to give them the country – which two was that (Num 13-14)? Caleb and Joshua
Korah, Dathan and Abiram rose up against Moses. What did the ground do to them as a sign from the Lord (Num 16)? Swallowed them up
Who’s staff budded, blossomed and produced almonds as another sign of being chosen by God (Num 17)? Aaron’s
The first time the Lord gave the people water from a rock he told Moses to strike it. The second time God wanted him to do something else, what? Speak To It
What did Moses do instead? Struck It Again
Who succeeded Aaron as high priest (Num 20)? Eleazar
When the people were attacked by snakes, God told Moses to make a snake and put it up on a pole (Num 21). What material was it made in? Bronze
The seer Balaam was sent for by the king of Moab to curse the people of Israel (Num 22). What was the king’s name? Balak
What kind of animal spoke to Balaam to stop him? A Donkey
Zelophehad had no sons, only daughters. They stood up for their right and Moses made a new law to allow women to inherit. How many daughters did Zelophehad have (Num 27, 36)? Five Daughters
Which two tribes (along with half of Manasseh) chose to live on the other side of Jordan (Num 32)? Reuben and Gad

Books of The Bible From Old and New Testament With Numbers of Chapters In Each Book

5. Deuteronomy (34 chapters). 

6. Joshua (24 chapters). 

7. Judges (21 chapters). 

8. Ruth (4 chapters). 

9. 1 Samuel (31 chapters). 

10. 2 Samuel (24 chapters). 

11. 1 Kings (22 chapters). 

12. 2 Kings (25 chapters). 

13. 1 Chronicles (29 chapters). 

14. 2 Chronicles (36 chapters). 

15. Ezra (10 chapters). 

16. Nehemiah (13 chapters). 

17. Esther (10 chapters). 

18. Job (42 chapters). 

19. Psalms (150 chapters). 

20. Proverbs (31 chapters). 

21. Ecclesiastes (12 chapters). 

22. Song of Solomon (8 chapters).

23. Isaiah (66 chapters). 

24. Jeremiah (52 chapters). 

25. Lamentations (5 chapters). 

26. Ezekiel (48 chapters). 

27. Daniel (12 chapters). 

28. Hosea (14 chapters). 

29. Joel (3 chapters). 

30. Amos (9 chapters). 

31. Obadiah (1 chapters). 

32. Jonah (4 chapters). 

33. Micah (7 chapters). 

34. Nahum (3 chapters). 

35. Habakkuk (3 chapters). 

36. Zephaniah (3 chapters). 

37. Haggai (2 chapters). 

38. Zechariah (14 chapters). 

39. Malachi (4 chapters). 

The New Testament Bible Books and Number of Chapters 

1. Matthew (28 chapters). 

2. Mark (16 chapters). 

3. Luke (24 chapters). 

4. John (21 chapters). 

5. Acts (28 chapters). 

6. Romans (16 chapters). 

7. 1 Corinthians (16 chapters). 

8. 2 Corinthians (13 chapters). 

9. Galatians (6 chapters). 

10. Ephesians (6 chapters). 

11. Philippians (4 chapters). 

12. Colossians (4 chapters). 

13. 1 Thessalonians (5 chapters). 

14. 2 Thessalonians (3 chapters). 

15. 1 Timothy (6 chapters). 

16. 2 Timothy (4 chapters). 

17. Titus (3 chapters). 

18. Philemon (1 chapters). 

19. Hebrews (13 chapters). 

20. James (5 chapters). 

21. 1 Peter (5 chapters). 

22. 2 Peter (3 chapters). 

23. 1 John (5 chapters). 

24. 2 John (1 chapters). 

25. 3 John (1 chapters). 

26. Jude (1 chapters). 

27. Revelation (22 chapters) 


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