Songs of The King


I dreamed that the great judgment morning
Had dawned, and the trumpet had blown;
I dreamed that the nations had gathered
To judgment before the white throne;
From the throne came a bright, shining angel,
And he stood on the land and the sea,
And he swore with his hand raised to Heaven,
That time was no longer to be.


And, oh, what a weeping and wailing,
As the lost were told of their fate;
They cried for the rocks and the mountains,
They prayed, but their prayer was too late.

The rich man was there, but his money
Had melted and vanished away;
A pauper he stood in the judgment,
His debts were too heavy to pay;
The great man was there, but his greatness,
When death came, was left far behind!
The angel that opened the records,
Not a trace of his greatness could find.

The widow was there with the orphans,
God heard and remembered their cries;
No sorrow in heaven forever,
God wiped all the tears from their eyes;
The gambler was there and the drunkard,
And the man that had sold them the drink,
With the people who gave him the license,
Together in hell they did sink.

The moral man came to the judgment,
But self-righteous rags would not do;
The men who had crucified Jesus
Had passed off as moral men, too;
The soul that had put off salvation,
“Not tonight; I’ll get saved by and by,
No time now to think of religion!”
At last they had found time to die.


Please Let Me Walk With You Jesus 

I’ve been up on the mountain with Jesus; 
I’ve been down in the valley so low; 
But if ever a time he’d desert me; 
Then to whom with my troubles I’ll go. 

Cho: So please let me walk with you Jesus; 
Please never leave alone; 
For without you, Lord I could never; 
I could never make Heaven my home. 

He found me when no one could help me; 
He found me when I was so blue; 
He found me when no one could save me; 
And i did not know what to do. 

If I had all the wealth of the whole world; 
If I had all that money could buy; 
And if I had not the love of my Jesus; 
I would rather be dead, than to live.

After All

In this life my trials are many, and sometimes my feet grow weary, 
and it seems that I will stumble and almost fall; But the gentle hand 
that leads me is the hand that keeps me steady and gives me faith 
that I will make it after all 


After all this life is over and my burdens have been lifted 
and I stand upon the mountain top so tall 
looking over in that city that the savior is preparing 
gives me faith that I will make it after all 

By myself I cannot make it 
but I know he’s there to help me 
if to him in humble prayer I’ll only call 
keep on trusting and believing are the 
words I hear him whisper just a few more 
days to labor after all 

The Next Hand You Shake

Why worry about tomorrow? 
Why worry if your steps are slow? 
If your life had been spent serving Jesus, 
You don’t have much farther to go. 

For the next hand you shake 
May be the hand of the Savior. 
The next step you take 
Could be on streets of purest gold. 
And your next meal 
Could be the Marriage Supper, 
And the next touch you feel, 
He could be blessing your soul. 

Be strong and keep on going. 
Don’t be angry when things go wrong. 
Don’t give up for it’s almost over. 
All signs are pointing towards home. 


Wonderful Story of Love

Wonderful story of love;
Tell it to me again;
Wonderful story of love;
Wake the immortal strain!
Angels with rapture announce it,
Shepherds with wonder receive it;
Sinner, oh, won’t you believe it?
Wonderful story of love.

Wonderful! Wonderful!
Wonderful, wonderful story of love.

Wonderful story of love;
Though you are far away;
Wonderful story of love;
Still He doth call today;
Calling from Calvary’s mountain,
Down from the crystal-bright fountain,
E’en from the dawn of creation,
Wonderful story of love.

Wonderful story of love;
Jesus provides a rest;
Wonderful story of love;
For all the pure and blest,
Rest in those mansions above us,
With those who’ve gone on before us,
Singing the rapturous chorus,
Wonderful story of love.

The Devil Hates Me

I get tired in this Old battle;
Because am fighting the old devil;
All the strains and the pressure is on me;
There are spirits, false teachers,
dead churches and jealous preachers

The devil hates me because I’m singing,
Last souls I am reaching
He try to kill me but he can’t touch my soul
A cold church he wants me in
Because there I can’t fight sin
The devil hates me but he can’t touch my soul

I am a soldier in this war
I am fighting fir The Lord
The battle is hot because I am right at the end
The Bible bring the news
That the old devil is bound to loose
And the saints shall have the victory over sin


King Jesus Will Roll My

Burden Away

when I should feel so sad 
why does my heart feel so glad 
why does my soul feel so happy and gay 
when all around me burdens roll yet I’m not worried at all 
for when i pray King Jesus will roll my burdens away 

Chorus: Roll away, all away.

King Jesus will roll my burdens away if to Him I pray 

For He opened doors for me.

Doors I’m unable to see

So if I pray

King Jesus will roll

my burdens away 

Verse Two: Like a king on his throne

I’m never left all alone

I have a friend,who watches both night and day 

And all that He asks me to do

Just keep His words and live true

Then when I pray King Jesus will roll my burdens away.

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