October’s Letter Includes: 

  • This Month at Christ Centered
  • Our Weekly Service Times
  • Telephone Prayer Conference
  • Our Topic of the Month
  • A Short Exhortation From Pastor Steven
  • Conclusion 


Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

Greetings in the precious name of Jesus our soon coming King. It give us great pleasure to write this months letter with Christ Centered House of God News to inform and edify you. As a church, we are committed to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and we base our teaching upon the Inspired Word of God.  

Our Church Building “Highway Gospel Church” is now open and we could go back starting September 12th but due to their current requirements it is impossible to go back there at this time.

Highway Gospel Church Requirement ForUs in Order to Enter Their Building:

  • Everyone must wear a mask (except children under the age of two).
  • Everyone must sanitize their hands and be checked in upon arrival
  • People will need to be ushered to their seat and they will not be able to choose where they sit. 
  • There can be no sharing of microphones.
  • There will be absolutely no live singing allowed in the building.
  • You are required to tell people they cannot sing.
  • There will be no coat racks available – please keep all your belongings with you.
  • There will be no seats available in the lobby.
  • There will be no Kids Ministry available at this time (according to guidelines), but children are welcome in the service.
  • There will be no visitation permitted in the lobby before or after service. Please, use the lobby to enter and exit the building only.
  • There will be no handing out of materials
  • No serving of Communion
  • No hands on prayer ministry,
  • No baby dedications
  • No water baptism. Everyone must sanitize their hands and be checked in upon arrival.
  • Besides the service being different here are some other things that we require of you:
  • You must keep a list of all attenders with contact information (in the case of a COVID-19 out-break).  These lists should be kept for a minimum of 6 weeks.  This is why your reservation system is critical.
  • You need to screen people before or just as they enter the building, maintaining physical distancing. We can provide you with the screening questions if needed.
  • You must provide hand sanitizing gel (min. 65% alcohol) for your church attenders to use. I can give you advise on how to do this that will be cost effective.
  • At this time, you can only use the main floor area and the lobby washroom, the basement level is off-limits, except to get your equipment by a few designated people only.  This is done to protect cross-contamination with the daycare as they prepare to re-open as well.
  • Note, there is no Kids ministry allowed.
  • You do not have access to the overflow area, as that is our online staging area.
  • We are currently meeting in the west-end for address contact via our telephone or email for address for the Saturday meetings only.
  • Our Saturday services time is the same @ 6:30pm.
  • Our Bible Study is still every Monday’s aired live from our Living room via Facebook at the same time at 7pm.
  • We also have every Friday “The Godly Inspired Solution~The GIS.”  The GIS is geared to teach women and also men to be Godly – living our lives through and by the undiluted word of God. We also have special guest every other Fridays live via Facebook – you can watch us live and be strengthened. Also, during this time; please take the time daily to seek after God. Seek Him with a sincere heart for His plan and purpose for your life so that when we get back together doing all things together you would have grown in the things of God. On this Christ Centered House of God Website there are powerful resources that will help to encourage, strengthen and you will grow from glory to glory. Always check out our devotion page for daily scriptural empowerment from God’s word which will edify you. 


During this time Christ Centered House of God still “Fast” every Monday’s, we encourage all believers in Jesus to “Fast” with us according to your ability. Make a point to place things before God you never did before and be prayerful as you petition the God who will answer and bring clarity. Remember, if we ask it shall be given, seek we shall find and if we knock it shall be opened. If there is a people to pray there is a God to answer.

Additional This Month:

  • Pastor Steven speaking at Pastor Humphrey’s church at 5pm October 11, 2020
  • Vanessa speaking at Holies of Holies Tabernacle Fire of God Sunday October 11, 2020 11:30AM.
  • Author Joan Henry has invited Vanessa Siroki as a guest @ 7pm ~ Live on Facebook page – Theme: Inspirational Sunday – Topic: Finishing strong for 2020.
  • Men and Women meetings fourth Sunday of each month at 4PM. All men will meet together and all women will meet together “All men and women are welcome.”

Prayer Conference ~ Birthdays Etc. 

Our Prayer Conference meetings via telephone from 7-8 PM  is scheduled weekly every Wednesday nights.  This month we have quite a few birthdays starting with Ferenc Sarkozy October 9th, our Minister Norbert October 12th. Pastor Colin Lawrence October 13th. All other birthdays will be posted as soon as we get all the dates. Please note for every birthdays each person will receive prayer at the end of our Saturday service. 

Topic for the Month~ Covetousness 

What Is Covetousness?

  • Covetousness is a strong desire to have that which belongs to another
  • Covetousness disregards God’s law
  • Covetousness denies God
  • Covetousness demonstrates a lack of faith 
  • Covetousness may be the greatest among the sins
  • Covetousness has the power to lead men to break the other Commandments.
The word “covet” is translated most frequently in the New Testament as James calls it, “LUST.” It means to desire inordinately or without due regard to the rights of others, to desire wrongfully. Covet is number ten of the 10th commandment of things that God tells us not to do. Covetousness reaches beneath the externals of our conduct to the hidden activities of the mind, heart and will, revealing the motives and intents of the heart. James 1:14-15 points this out: “But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.”Let us go further! This 10th commandment embraces all the other commandments because the breach of each one grows out of the heart of covetousness that every man and woman possesses by nature. Our Lord knew what was in the heart of man. He knows what is in your heart and in mine as is recorded in Mark 7:21-23: “From within, out of the heart of men [that is, out of their moral being] proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness: all these evil things come from within, and defile the man.” No wonder God has to give us a new heart when He saves us; and I praise God that He does just that! This truth is confirmed in Jeremiah 17:9 which tells us that man’s “heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” And there are many other Scriptures which tell us that man is far from God, that he hates God, that he loves wickedness and unrighteousness, that he is displeasing to God, that in his natural state he runs away from God and loves darkness rather than light because his deeds are evil. This is the heart of every individual outside of the Lord Jesus Christ. “This is the heart of every man in Christendom whether in the pulpit or in the pew who does not like to bow the heart and will to the Lordship of Jesus Christ!” It takes the power of the 10th commandment in the hands of the Holy Spirit to reveal the sin of covetousness in the heart of every individual, because it is such a subtle sin. Now because covetousness is a heart sin, another aspect of this sin is that it deceives and slays us except for the convicting power and deliverance of God’s Holy Spirit. Our Lord warns us in Luke 12:15 of this heart sin of covetousness: “Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.” He thereby tells us to be on our guard against covetousness or greed of every description. Therefore, let us take inventory to see if this sin of covetousness has crept into our hearts and lives!  

What is the lesson for all of us with regards Covetousness? Covetousness had been a problem as long as man has been in this world. Even in these last days, men still want that which isn’t theirs. See 2 Timothy 3:1-2 and Luke 12:15. Covetousness “The Sin Nobody Will Admit,” it will make us greedy of gain. When we are possessed of a covetous heart, we are never satisfied with that which we have! There will always be a powerful urge for more. It is interesting to note that the word “covet” means “to desire greatly.” It usually has reference to an object. When we are guilty of covetousness, we are guilty of having a heart for things instead of a heart for the Lord. When we come to the place where we are never satisfied with God’s blessings and we are always looking for a way to increase our possessions, then we should face the fact that we are just plain greedy and sinfully covetous and we are warned and commanded by God not to be that way!

A Word From Pastor Steven- Let Us Think About This Together

“Covetousness is a subtle sin! It wears many a covering; in fact, it is called the “cloak of covetousness” in I Thess. 2:5. Why? because it hides under a cloak of subtlety, even using the Word of God deceitfully, as one will say, “Don’t you know God has said in John 10:10 that He gives the more abundant life? And in I Tim. 6:17 that He has given me all things richly to enjoy? He wants us to have the best; therefore it’s right for me to allow myself this luxury or that entertainment.” Oh dear friend, is this your heart? If so, you are deceived by covetousness, and by your own lustful desire for things and pleasures! Do you say, “My needs are just too great; I can’t give to the Lord’s work; I cannot give to help needy individuals! No, I must provide for myself!” But oh, my friend, you have a false security and miss the blessedness of giving! He did not give you what you have to spend only upon yourself and all the pleasures and things of this life, while the need for getting out the gospel of the grace of God goes begging!” We see then, that COVETOUSNESS IS THE WORSHIP OF SELF WHICH IS THE EMBODIMENT OF ALL EVIL. Because self is upon the throne of the heart, everything of this life becomes servant to the gratification of all fleshly and selfish desires. Selfishness is essentially—“my right to my own self and all that I touch for my pleasure and for my glory: me, my, and mine; and that’s covetousness! It says in essence, “I’m concerned only for myself, so I will get what I want no matter how I get it, or who I hurt, rob or kill, and no matter how I lie or how many lives I wreck; I’m going to do just what I want to do!” But that’s the heart of rebellion against God; and young man, if that spirit is not broken, you’re going to wind up in hell without hope and without God! Young lady, you might be sitting there today saying to yourself, “Well, I’m still young!” But how do you know you’re going to live until tomorrow? How do you know that God is not going to tell you this very day what He told that rich fool in Luke 12: “Thou fool, this day thy soul shall be required of thee, and then whose shall those things be?” You can’t take anything with you, for “we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out” (I Tim. 6:7).

What is our Point of Action?  So, dear brothers and sisters, let’s walk in a new way from today. Let’s apply these truths to our lives, and say, Lord, I want to live in a way that glorifies you on this earth. A way that shows that I truly appreciate everything that you have given me. Father with this heart of gratitude I will not look at anything anyone have and feel that I should have it but instead I will be very grateful for what you have blessed me with already. If you see that I can handle other things without my heart becoming captured by it then you God will bless me according to Your riches in glory through Christ Jesus . Father thank You for what You have given us already. Father help us to avoid this deceitful sin; so that we can truly receive transformation in our lives and be conformed to the image of Your dear Son.  


We hope that the above topics and short exhortations not only encourage and strengthen but that it also alerts you to be more vigilant with your walk with our Lord especially in the area of the deceitfull wicked sin of covetousness.

We are working at and planning to develop our newsletter into a magazine format as time goes by. Please remember to visit our Christ Centered daily devotional page by clicking on our devotion link above where you will be empowered by the word of God each day. Also, for those who have prayer request; you can access our prayer request from our homepage or you could email us directly at christcenteredhog@outlook.com. You could also call us at: (647) 856-6030 or (647) 535-1874. 

Its our prayer that this month’s letter not only inform you of what’s upcoming or happening at Christ Centered House of God but that it also encourages and edifies you to press on enduringly to a higher place in God. Where we will all grow from glory to glory, strength to strength, faith to faith,  with deep calling us unto deep as we go up hither. 

Our main goal at Christ Centered House of God – is to shine the light of Jesus to everyone so that we all can be transformed to the Image of Christ. Consequently, we can then walk as He walked, endowed and enabled by His divine grace. Jesus too was tempted and yet he never sinned. “For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin” (Hebrews 4:15). Our goal is to clearly communicate a message of the hope that we have in Jesus Christ by our conduct, character and lifestyle.  

This hope is not found in religion or anything that we can see, but only in a personal relationship with Jesus.  

By His Grace,


With Love from Pastor Steven and Family and Christ Centered House of God 


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