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Welcome to Christ Centered House of God opportunity page. This page was created to tell you about all the opportunities available at our church. We are a new up and coming Ministry that was founded in March 7, 2015. We are looking for people who can grow with us and become part of the Christ Centered House of God team. As a family of Believers Centered on Christ we are looking for like-minded people who loves and wants to serve Jesus, first through their lives and then in Ministry. When you come to join us your number one reason and only reason must be because you love Jesus and you want to serve Him in whatever capacity He gave you the grace. If you join us because of our pastors or anyone in leadership or even that you like the people or the building; then you will look to us for things that only Jesus can give. If you are an individual who believes that anywhere Jesus is you will serve Him and you believe that Christ Centered House of God is the place that you are called to assemble and fellowship with your fellow brothers and sisters; then you are welcome to join us and serve Jesus in one or more of the opportunity listed below.  We welcome you with the love of the Lord as you look through to see in what area you will be able to serve. Do not forget to visit our others pages so that you can learn more about us. We have great resource on the Christ Centered House of God website that will grow you tremendously whether you are a veteran or a new convert. We encouraged all believers to make two things their priority in their walk with Jesus. The first is the reading of the word of God daily and have a very active daily prayer life.  Prayer Intercessors is the first opportunity outlined because God work must always begin with prayer; this is the example set by Jesus whom we follow.



I am or would like to:

  • Be part of the prayer team
  • I am a prayer Intercessor

WORSHIP / PRAISE MINISTRY                                                                         

I am or would like to:

  • Be a choir member:  Soprano/Alto/Bass/Tenor/Not sure
  • Play the keyboard for specials and / or congregational singing


I am interested in/willing to

  • Organize to help in whatever areas that I am needed.
  • I’m not sure where the Lord wants to use me.
  • Daily Bible Reading with other brothers and sisters
  • Participating in prayer requests.


  • I would like to assist in in the men’s  ministry
  • I would like to speak at one of your men’s empowerment
  • I have a special skill/gift that would be beneficial for men’s ministry:


  • I would like to assist in women’s ministry
  • I would like to speak at one of your women empowerment
  • I have a special skill/gift that would be beneficial for women’s ministry:


  • I would like to assist in children ministry
  • I would like to teach in children ministry
  • I have a special skill/gift that would be beneficial for children’s ministry:


  • I would like to know more about training to be a Biblical counselor
  • I have had training in Biblical counseling. If so, where and what amount? 

 O U T R E A C H


  • I am willing to distribute flyers for the church
  • I would like to know how to personally present the Gospel to people
  • I know how to present the Gospel to people, and I am willing go door to door
  • I am willing to organize weekly Evangelistic outreach (calling people to make sure they’re coming)
  • I am willing to lead weekly Evangelistic outreach


  • I would like to be involved in visiting folk who have visited our church, or making hospital visits, nursing home visits, or visits to widows and shut-ins.
  • I would like to assist in organizing visits (printing out maps, keeping the records of the visits)
  • CARDS FOR THE SICK: I would like to organize Get Well cards for those who are sick. This would entail keeping up with those who are ill, and having pastor make an announcement that we should sign a get well card.  Then you would need to collect the card afterward and send it off.


  • I am interested in helping in event planning.


I am interested in being an usher. Responsibilities entail the following:

  • Must have a personal affirmation that you have receive Jesus as Saviour and Lord
  • Must be at every service (unless emergency)
  • Direct people to where they need to be
  • Seat people in seats as needed
  • Distribute flyers, visitor’s package etc.
  • Any absent must be conveyed to leadership no later than Wednesday of that week. 


  • I am willing to vacuum where needed after the Saturday service.
  • Empty trash throughout the building after the Saturday evening service.
  • Helping to pack away after the Saturday service.


  • I am willing to help with the web site ministry.
  • Duties would include: weekly updating the web site with Christ Centered business such as, calendar updates,  sermons, etc. 


If our Church interest you and you would like to become a member; below is our requirements for Membership At Christ Centered House of God

You Have:

  • A personal affirmation that you have received Jesus as Saviour and Lord.
  • Agree with our Confession of Faith and Church Covenant.
  • Believe that the Lord wants you to be a part of this church. If you are leaving another church, then it is important to us that you have left your former fellowship while maintaining the “unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” If possible, you need to inform your former church of this pending membership change.
  • Acknowledge and are in agreement that the Christ Centered Pastor(s) Elders and/or Minister(s) have a pastoral responsibility in your life.
  • Commit to support the work of God being done through the Christ Centered House of God with your time, gifts, and abilities as you are able.
  • Interest in membership, each adult (18 and over) should fill out our CCHG membership form and submit it to us. If your are from another church; we require the reason for leaving or that you have been released by your Pastor. We will be in contact with you to schedule an interview with you and complete this process. You should also, if you are able, be ready to give a brief testimony of your salvation before the congregation.

CONTACT US TODAY: If you are interested in any of the above. We look forward to hear from you. Thank you for visiting our Christ Centered Opportunity Page. Come and Get Involved.


Christ Centered House of God a family of Believers Centered on Christ