Pastor Steven & Vanessa Siroki 

Pastor Steven Siroki is the Co-Founder, lead Pastor and Chairman of Board for Christ Centered House of God. Pastor Steven was called by God  before he was even a year old. As a young three to four months old baby he was prayed over by an Hungarian Pastor and Jamaican Minister in Hungary. Not only did the Pastor prayed for the baby but he prophesied that “he shall live and not die and proclaimed the word of the Lord and that he will be a worshipper.” Over the years God has given Pastor Steven many dreams and visions that he did not understand until later when he realized that many things God showed and spoke to him was in the bible; although he had no knowledge of the scriptures at that time.

In 2014, Pastor Steven was ordained as a Minister of the gospel of Jesus after completing the Canadian Christian Ministries theological courses. Sensing God’s direction through the various men of God that God used to speak into his life and the laying of hand; in 2015 Pastor Steven stepped out in faith to answer the end-time mandate to enthroned Jesus Christ at the center of each life. Through this Godly appointment; Christ Centered House of God was birth

Pastor Steven serves with his wife and ministry partner, Vanessa Siroki and has recognized her true help-mate given to him by God. Vanessa has always been involved in the church community since childhood, serving, praying and encouraging and singing to the Glory of God. In 2015 God gave her a mandate to women from all walks of life – for Christian Education through “God’s Divinely Enabling Grace.” This is an ability that God gave her through His word of life from a very young age where she speaks into the life of her siblings, other family members, friends as well as girls of all ages and diverse women much older than herself. She founded the group “The Godly Inspired Solution” which addresses every topic and points both women and men to the Word of God in 2015.

Vanessa is the author of the poetry book “Lessons from Life’s Path to Yours” published 2008. She has also written several other manuscript and have completed her new book  “The Godly Inspired Solution and I Found A New Way of Living.”  Pastors Steven and Vanessa live in Scarborough Ontario Canada and have been married for over 11 years. They are the God appointed parents of their daughter Abigail Siroki; God’s reward and heritage who they are committed to raise and train in the ways of the Lord. Pastor Steven and Vanessa have a deep passion for the unsaved and as such are committed to seeing all lost souls come home to Christ.

Nikolett Siroki

Minister Nikolett is the sister of Christ Centered House of God lead Pastor Steven Siroki and the youngest member of the Ministry Team. Minister Nikolett loves the Lord and serves in several capacity of Christ Centered House of God. She is also CCHG resident English/Hungarian Translator for over two years now.  Nikolett enjoys connecting with people of all ages. She believes that people today are searching for meaning and direction in their lives. As a result, she feels the church is one place where a person can come and feel supported and nurtured in a community and at the same time be equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities of everyday living through the word of God. She have a deep passion for the unsaved and is committed to seeing all the lost souls come home to Christ.

At Times It Will Be You And God Alone 

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