Godly Poems from Vanessa siroki

Poems: In Your Own Words                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Do you have something to say but do not know how to put it in words or on paper- look no further – my Godly inspired poems will say what you want to say  to your love ones in your own words. You can say to your husband, wife, baby, daughter, son, mother, father, Pastor, Pastor wife, Uncle, Aunt, Niece, Nephew, friend, anyone you can think of even for your church or business etc. Your thoughts in your own words is just a click away. Contact us today. Below are three of the poem that I wrote and it is taken from my book: Lessons From Life’s Path To Yours. 

A Pastor Poem 

Pastor, I am so glad to be a part of this race.

That God has given through Amazing Grace.

He has given you the courage to face what you have to face

because you are the leader He has put in place.


You are the burden bearer of the members too.

The one to lift them up when they are feeling blue.

Because you have to answer to your heavenly Father.

Not only for yourself but for your sisters and your brothers.


I pray that God will give you the strength to hold on

To the promise He has given before you were born.

No matter the trials or temptation this world may send.

Just remember in Christ Jesus you are not condemned.


I pray that one day soon your reward you’ll see.

Because you have chosen the path to victory.

And now you have rested, in whom you are free,

As He continued to teach you how you ought to be.


Though many say some Pastors are no good,

If only they would remember you are flesh and blood.

Instead of criticizing, do some praying, to the Father above,

That you will stay secure in His Everlasting Love.


Now I pray that to Him, you will always cling.

And to Him all your burdens at His feet you’ll bring.

Keep trusting and believing in whatever He says.




A Marriage Poem

A union sanction by the Father above

To become one with the one you love

There will be many hills and mountains to climb

But if you work together you’ll be just fine


It is a lifetime decision so you must be sure

Do not do like others going from door to door

Because each time you do, a little of you, you’ll lose

And in so many ways you will feel quite used


So many take this step for the wrong reason

Is it any wonder they only last for a season

So make sure that you know just what you are doing

Because if you do not a little while you will be moving


There are so many things that a marriage gives

Not only just to teach how with another to live

It teaches you to care about someone other than you

An advice you must heed and it will see you through


Be honest to your partner and say just how you feel

Do not keep inside and say it’s no big deal

It’s wrong to put your marriage through such an ordeal

Just open and began the process that it needs to heal


Never take your disagreement outside your door

Just try to be open to each other more and more

A marriage is no place to try to settle no score

The foundation it will rock, it will rock the very core


Here’s to married couple no matter who you are

I’m sending you this encouragement from afar

I pray that you will have an everlasting love

Because it was your gift designed from above





Life’s Poem

Life is so fleeting                                                                                                    

Yet many behave                                                                                              

Like they are the ones                                                                                           

Who give themselves days


Helpless and naked all came to this earth

Given the choice to change the ways

Yet many squander and not care for others

Seeing their parents like they are a bother


How soon to forget who gave them the bottle

Stayed up all night and rock them gentle

Left to go out and acquire the star

Now to forget who they really are


Go all around to acquire a dream

Not caring to whom you chose to be mean

Trampling on others to get to the top

Telling yourself you no one can stop


No matter what you acquire or achieve

Just know that one day it all you will leave

Just like the baby from the womb it came

Came without nothing not even a name


Whatever you are amassing

Someone will be inheriting

And it might be the one you stepped on

Who will still be here, when you are gone from this land


Do onto others as you have them do to you

Do not be happy when they are facing their blues

Because naked you came and though you have gain

You leave with nothing the same way you came


As a baby you could not pick up yourself

You required the help of someone else

You could not put yourself to rest

The same will happen when your time is end


So appreciate the life given

Before you go missing

Examine how you are living

And the things that you are doing


Life is a gift from God

Who creates one and all

Choose the right way today

And never walk away


Jesus is the answer

There is nothing here to ponder

Choose Him and you will never wonder

When you go over yonder


You must choose what to do

Because soon your life maybe through

So make sure you know the one whom;                                                           

You have given your time to


 From the Book: Lessons From Life’s Path to Yours Copyright @ 2008                                                                                                                   Written by Vanessa Brown-Siroki   

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