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Godly Lessons That Will Last a Lifetime

One of the most significant words in the teaching of Jesus, is that in which He gives His command concerning the care of the children. He asked Peter a question, “Do you love me?” and when He got a satisfactory answer, He said to him, “Feed My lambs.” The children are the lambs. The lambs must be fed — not their bodies only, but their minds and their spiritual natures as well. Every home should provide for the best possible education of the children who come into it. The mother is the child’s first teacher; her heart is the child’s first schoolroom. Parents must taught children early to look up to God, to trust Him, to love and obey Him. If they are Christ’s lambs they should be trained from infancy to know Jesus, their Good Shepherd. To listen for His voice and to follow Him. There is a longing in anyone who is without child and would like to have a child and for those of us who are believers we make/made promises to God if He should bless us with a child/children. Unfortunately, many prayers changes once we obtained our precious gift from God and instead of trusting God for everything in their lives – we idolized the children and they dictate to the parents what they want in their lives. Since God gave the child/children and He knows what’s best for them, then we should always go to Him to ask Him how to bring he or she up.  As  believers in Jesus we must follow God’s instruction how to rear them and teach them foundational lessons that will last a lifetime. 

A Brief Synopsis of  Our Testimony

When we were without God’s gift of a child who the doctors told us we could never have. God said otherwise and smiled upon us, blessed us and caused my womb that I was told would not be fruitful to be fruitful. He gave to Steven and I, His reward, our daughter Abigail. “Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward” (Psalm 127:3). The first thing we did was to give her back to God and promised to raise her in His way with His help. Therefore, as parents we are committed to: Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” Proverb 22:6).  That’s why, we had dedicated her back to God the moment she arrived upon this earth. Children indeed do live what they have learned; so we must set godly examples for them first at home. 


What is  foundation? Foundation is defined by the dictionary to be “a basis (such as a tenet, principle, or axiom) upon which something stands or is supported.” Everything that is built must have a foundation or else it will not stand. That is why, first and foremost; our children’s foundation must be God. We are to teach them everything and while many parents may give them the choice of choosing – as long as they are under age we parents still have that right to discipline and impart godly instruction in their lives. As parents, we may feel that it’s not worth the fight to try to oversee everything they do.  The same could be said for many other parts of their lives. It would be easier just to leave them alone and let them do their own thing rather than getting them out of bed, taking back and forth to school or activities each day, helping with their homework etc. Why do we make education a priority and not the things of God? However, we must remember that we cannot think and do like or as the world because we have Godly instruction from the Word of God – how to care for and bring them up and to teach them how to be respectful and conduct themselves in all areas and especially in the way they carry themselves; specifically the type of clothes they wear. Why because it is important to God.

Is Our Dressing Important to God? How Should A Christian Dress                                                                

How we dress our bodies is very important to God who clothed the first man and woman because; our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Dressing is about how we manifest Jesus Christ to others. It is about how we take care of our brothers and sisters not to sin. From a very young age my father taught my siblings and I the importance of dressing modestly. He taught us that as followers of Jesus Christ we must reflect Christ and reflect Him especially in our attire. Consequently, from my daughter Abigail’s birth, I too along with my husband taught her the importance of modesty. Our dressing is God’s standards not worldly standards.

Then how should a christian dress? A Christian should dress in a manner that manifests God to the world and in a manner that does not make a fellow brother or sister stumble in sin. A Christian must always dressed decently; whether male or female, Jesus must be revealed in our dressing. But if a Christian accepts the world, dresses like the world, what is the difference between such a Christian and the world? If we dress like the world (we love the world dressing) the love of the Father is not in us. There are people who say that they dress how they feel comfortable – such a person is saying; I know what’s best for me better that God. The question that we should ask however is: Why did God not left Adam and Eve in their “fig leaves”  I believe God showed by clothing them that He has a standard of “dress code” for His children. There is much more to our clothing choices than we might imagine. For many people, what they wear is merely a matter of habit. However, as followers of Jesus Christ  we do benefit more if we are careful in the choices we wear.  Our clothes say a great deal about who we are and can signal a great deal of socially important things to others, even if the impression is actually unfounded. Research suggests that these impressions about us can start in childhood – one study found that teachers made assumptions about children’s academic ability based on their clothing. Studies shows that, the way we dress “often come from internal motivations such as emotions, experiences and culture. ”  

 We Must Never Dress Like the World                                                                                                                                                                   

The world tells and pushes for women to dress provocatively; some of whom in turn teaches their daughter’s to dress accordingly. However, we see in Genesis at the beginning that God clothed the first man and woman in modest manner. (side note-they were the only two humans alive yet God taught that it was important to have them clothed properly). All true Christian must walks according to God’s standards not according to his or her standards or that of the world. When “we accept the world (way), doing what the world is doing, know that the love of your Father in heaven is not in you” (1 John 2:15).                                                                                                     

On this page of  “Raising Godly Children – Abigail’s Corner” we have uploaded some of the modest attire that I dress our daughter Abigail in. It is important to us for her to represent Christ especially in her attire. It is my hope that you will be inspired to dress both yourselves and your precious gift from God who are His reward in a God appropriate modest manner and for ideas about getting a similar look please contact me via email or our telephone numbers on our contact page. I will be very happy to help you and be your personal image consultant; coordinating your wardrobe on any budget you may have.  Thank you so much for visiting “Raising Godly Children – Abigail’s Corner page, I hope that you were inspired by your visit and that I will hear from you very soon and  personally consult with you.


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